Data Privacy

(This Data Privacy Statement shall apply to the Internet presence of www.aristaexecutive.com and the affiliated Executive Club applicant database. This Data Privacy Statement shall not apply to the Internet pages of other linked providers.)

  • After successful registration and submission of your personal data into the applicant database, your data will be saved to and used on our servers.
  • We will use your data for the purpose of filling job positions by comparing them with the requirements profiles for the positions to be filled by our clients – companies, government authorities, businesses.
  • We will never sell or lease your data.
  • We will never release your data to a third party without your permission.
  • Only our consultants may view your data.
  • Prior to forwarding your data to HR managers, one of our consultants will contact you personally.
  • We will not save any cookies on your computer at any time during your visit to our website nor will we retrieve any data from your computer.
  • Changes or additions to your data can be made by our staff only. In such case, please contact one of our consultants.
  • We will use your data only for the purposes described in our Data Privacy Statement; any other use shall be contingent upon your approval at some later point.
  • You may revoke your approval at any time.

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