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Applicant testing


In addition to professional competences, the success at work depends also on natural premises, suitability to the vacancy and team. When candidates are tested, the attention is paid to three major categories: personality potential, risks and suitability to organisational culture. The results predict work success, behavious under stress, avoid professional failure and assess suitability to the team.

Target group

Hogan has developed personality standards for seven major job families (managers & executives, sales & customer support, professionals, technicians & specialists, administrative & clerical,operations & trades, service & support) through empirical studies, that ensure the best work quality on the position. The standards can be compared with the applicants’ profiles. The reports also give potential risk indications that can be taken into account.


The reports give a very clear suitability indication to the positions (high, medium, low) and also major risks that the applicants might posess. The reports increase the reliability of the selection and decrease subjectiveness.

Hogan Assessment Systems enables to create customized interview drafts to assess applicants. An company specific personality standard is therefore required (see research and surveys)

The applicants also receive feedback. Client can use Hogan tools independently (certification needed) or involve our consultants.

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